Levels of Life by Julian Barnes

Part history, part fiction, part memoir, Levels of Life is a powerfully personal and unforgettable book, and an immediate classic on the subject of grief. Levels of Life opens in the nineteenth century with balloonists, photographers, and Sarah Bernhardt, whose adventures lead seamlessly into an entirely personal account of the author's own great loss. "You put together two things that have not been put together before. And the world is changed..." Julian Barnes's new book is about ballooning, photography, love and grief; about putting two things, and two people, together, and about tearing them apart. One of the judges who awarded him the 2011 Man Booker Prize described Barnes as "an unparalleled magus of the heart." This book confirms that opinion.

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The 2297th greatest fiction book of all time

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  1. - 45th on The 100 best books of the 21st century (The Guardian)

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Levels of Life Audio CD 4626899 $9.19 $8.99 2014
Quand tout est déjà arrivé (Bibliothèque étrangère) (French Edition) Kindle Edition 5056297 2014
Quand tout est déjà arrivé (Folio) (French Edition) Mass Market Paperback 16618934 $11.38 $2.55 2015
Quand tout est deja arrive (French Edition) Paperback 18108570 $17.09 $2.22 2014
By Julian Barnes Levels of Life [Hardcover] Hardcover 680736 $27.83 $3.78 2013
Levels of Life (Chinese Edition) Hardcover 8319954 $7.80 2019
Levels of Life Audio CD 13887234 $20.01 $6.83
Levels of Life (Vintage International) Kindle Edition 141699 2013
Levels of Life Hardcover 410317 $31.95 $1.31 2013
Levels of Life Audio CD 1020604 $10.77 $1.94 2013
Levels of Life Paperback 5238521 $7.89 $3.12 2014
Levels of Life (Vintage International) by Julian Barnes (2014-07-01) Paperback 4877403 $12.09 $7.83
Niveles de vida (Spanish Edition) Mass Market Paperback 4842358 $12.51 2017
Niveles de vida Paperback 955896 $42.99 2014
Levels of Life (Library Edition) Audio CD 17640851 $9.94 2013
Quand tout est déjà arrivé/Levels of Life (Folio bilingue) (French and English Edition) Paperback 12951732 $14.62 $15.75 2017
Levels of Life (Vintage International) Paperback 321999 $10.87 $1.46 2014