A History of Philosophy by Frederick Charles Copleston

Copleston's History provides extensive coverage of Western philosophy from the Pre-Socratics through Dewey, Russell, Moore, Sartre and Merleau-Ponty. The first nine volumes, originally published between 1946 and 1974, were written for Catholic seminary students with the goal "of supplying Catholic ecclesiastical seminaries with a work that should be somewhat more detailed and of wider scope than the textbooks, commonly in use, and which at the same time should endeavour to exhibit the logical development and interconnection of philosophical systems." A tenth volume was added in 1986, and the eleventh is actually a collection of essays, which appeared in 1956 as Contemporary Philosophy. Throughout the eleven volumes, Copleston's Roman Catholic (Thomist) point of view is never hidden. All the same, it seems generally accepted that Copleston's treatment is fair and complete, even for philosophical positions that he does not support. Copleston's work has arguably come to represent the finest and most complete summary of Western philosophy now available.

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History of Philosophy, Volume IV: Descartes to Leibniz Hardcover 3343563 $25.00 $5.26 1958
History of Philosophy, Volume II: Medieval Philosophy Augustine to Scotus Hardcover 3122538 $123.51 $20.76 1950
History of Philosophy, Volume III: Ockham to Suarez Hardcover 2808264 $42.00 $9.00 1953
History of Philosophy, Volume VII: Fichte to Nietzsche Hardcover 3249146 $22.54 1963
History of Philosophy, Volume V: Hobbes to Hume Hardcover 2495904 $42.00 $35.91 1959
History of Philosophy, Volume VI: Wolff to Kant Hardcover 1974857 $22.18 $22.94 1960
History of Philosophy, Volume I: Greece and Rome Hardcover 1285891 $42.00 $29.95 1946
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 1: Greece and Rome From the Pre-Socratics to Plotinus Paperback 41062 $8.21 $2.50 1993
A History of Philosophy, Vol. 5: Modern Philosophy - The British Philosophers from Hobbes to Hume Paperback 144232 $9.70 $4.46 1993
A History of Philosophy Vol. 6: Wolff to Kant (History of Philosophy / (Frederick Copleston)) (Vol 6) Hardcover 8687517 $94.51
History of Philosophy, Volume VII (Seven): Fichte to Nietzsche Hardcover 11061696 $20.00
A History of Philosophy, Volume III: Ockham to Suarez Hardcover 4934731 $12.99
A History of Philosophy Volume 6 Wolff to Kant Hardcover 7459762 $14.95
A History of Philosophy Volume V Hobbes to Hume Hardcover 7031219 $96.63
On the History of Philosophy Hardcover 8865796 $15.19 1999
A History of Philosophy: Hobbes to Hume (Vol 5) Hardcover 6849386 $9.97