A History of the Crusades by Stephen Runciman

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A History of the Crusades is the work that historian Stephen Runciman is arguably most noted for. A cursory glance at the body of Runciman’s work would lead many to believe that his passion for history lay in the Byzantine Empire. Although Byzantium was his speciality, Runciman’s interests spanned a much broader range of topics. He was a medievalist: medieval Bulgaria, Sicily, Armenia, the Catholic and Easter Orthodox churches were subjects he delved into during his long career. First published in 1951, the work has seen numerous reprints and translations. For years, A History of the Crusades has been the standard by which other Crusade histories have been measured. It combines Runicman’s unique style of narration with an insightful and broad view of the Crusades. Encompassing the ascendancy of Islam in the Levant during the early seventh century and the fall of the Kingdom of Acre in 1291, it offers a foundation for understanding the Crusades. Runciman’s method at piecing the many narratives together is simple but succinct. He utilizes foreshadowing, suspense, and intrigue to build an absorbing account of the Crusades that borders on the epic or romantic.

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