The Greatest Nonfiction Books From 1910 to 1919 Written by American Authors

  1. 1 . The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr, E. B. White

    The Elements of Style by William Strunk, Jr., and E. B. White, is an American English writing style guide. It is the best-known and most influential prescriptive treatment of English grammar and us...

  2. 2 . The Education of Henry Adams by Henry Adams

    The Education of Henry Adams records the struggle of Bostonian Henry Adams (1838-1918), in early old age, to come to terms with the dawning 20th century, so different from the world of his youth. I...

  3. 3 . The American Language by H. L. Mencken

    The American Language, first published in 1919, is H. L. Mencken's book about the English language as spoken in the United States. Mencken was inspired by "the argot of the colored waiters" in W...

  4. 4 . Mont-Saint-Michel and Chartres by Henry Adams

    Widely considered one of the most valuable works on European religion, philosophy, economics, politics, and art in the middle ages.

  5. 5 . The House on Henry Street by Lillian D. Wald

    Nearly one hundred years after the Henry Street Settlement was founded, this venerable institution still serves the people of the lower East Side of New York. Much of the credit for its survival ma...

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  6. 6 . Twenty Years at Hull-House by Jane Addams

    A refuge for Chicago's poor, Hull-House provided an unprecedented variety of social services. Its founder's inspiring autobiography chronicles the institution's early years and discusses its guidin...

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  7. 7 . Prejudices by H. L. Mencken

    With a style that combined biting sarcasm with the "language of the free lunch counter," Henry Louis Mencken shook politics and politicians for nearly half a century

  8. 8 . A History of the Civil War by James Ford Rhodes

  9. 9 . The Life of John Marshall by Albert J. Beveridge

  10. 10 . Julia Ward Howe by Laura E. Richards, Maud Howe Elliott

    Maud Howe Elliott (November 9, 1854, Boston, Massachusetts – March 19, 1948, Newport, Rhode Island) was an American writer, most notable for her Pulitzer prize-winning collaboration with her sister...

  11. 11 . Benjamin Franklin, Self-Revealed by William Cabell Bruce

    Benjamin Franklin, Self-Revealed is a biography of Benjamin Franklin written by William Cabell Bruce in 1917. A "biographical and critical study based mostly on [Benjamin Franklin's] own writings",...

  12. 12 . Through the Brazilian Wilderness by Theodore Roosevelt

  13. 13 . A Critique of the Theory of Evolution by Thomas Hunt Morgan