Susan Lowell

Susan Lowell is an American author known for her children's books and literature. Her works often reflect her Southwestern heritage, and she has received acclaim for titles such as 'The Three Little Javelinas,' which is a Southwestern adaptation of the classic 'Three Little Pigs' story, and 'The Bootmaker and the Elves,' a retelling of the Grimm Brothers' tale. Her writing is characterized by its humor, vivid descriptions, and the incorporation of elements from folklore and regional culture.


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  1. 1. Ganado Red: A Novella And Stories Of The Southwest

    This collection presents a tapestry of tales set in the American Southwest, blending the region's rich cultural heritage with its rugged landscape. The novella and accompanying stories weave together the lives of diverse characters, from cowboys and Native Americans to modern-day women, all navigating the challenges and triumphs of life in this unique part of the United States. The narratives explore themes of identity, tradition, and resilience, painting a vivid portrait of the Southwest and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants.

    The 5405th Greatest Book of All Time