Fadwa Tuqan

Fadwa Tuqan, also spelled Fadwa Touqan, was a renowned Palestinian poet known for her representations of resistance, hardship, and resilience in the face of the Israeli occupation. Born on March 17, 1917, in Nablus, she grew up in a conservative society but broke through gender barriers with her powerful poetry. Her works reflect her personal experiences and the collective Palestinian struggle for identity and homeland. She is considered one of the most distinguished figures of modern Arabic literature. Fadwa Tuqan passed away on December 12, 2003.


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  1. 1. A Mountainous Journey

    "A Mountainous Journey" is an evocative memoir that chronicles the life of a prominent female Arab poet, detailing her personal and intellectual evolution against the backdrop of the tumultuous political landscape of the Middle East. The narrative weaves through her experiences of growing up in a conservative society in Nablus, Palestine, her pursuit of education and literary expression, and her encounters with the significant historical events of her time. The author's journey is marked by struggles with societal expectations, the loss of loved ones, and the constant presence of conflict, yet it is also a testament to resilience, the power of words, and the quest for personal and national identity.

    The 4742nd Greatest Book of All Time