Migael Scherer

Migael Scherer is an American author known for her works on sailing and the sea. She has written books such as 'A Cruising Guide to Puget Sound' and 'Sailing to Simplicity: Life Lessons Learned at Sea,' which reflect her experiences and insights gained from her life on the water. Her writing often combines practical advice for sailors with personal memoir and reflections on the natural world and the art of sailing.


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  1. 1. Still Loved By The Sun

    "Still Loved By The Sun" is a poignant memoir that delves into the author's personal journey of grief and healing following the tragic loss of her son in a sailing accident. The narrative explores the depths of a mother's love and the struggle to find meaning and solace in the aftermath of an unimaginable event. Through a blend of raw emotion and lyrical prose, the book offers an intimate look at the process of mourning and the slow, often painful path toward acceptance and the rekindling of joy amidst the enduring presence of loss.

    The 5329th Greatest Book of All Time