Frans Masereel

Frans Masereel was a Belgian painter and graphic artist known for his woodcuts. He is considered one of the most important graphic artists of the 20th century, particularly noted for his wordless novels which are early examples of the graphic novel form.


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  1. 1. Passionate Journey

    "Passionate Journey" is a silent graphic novel that tells the story of a man's life and experiences through a series of woodcuts. Without the use of words, the book conveys a powerful narrative that explores the human condition, society, and the range of emotions that one encounters throughout life. The protagonist's journey is depicted in a sequence of compelling images that reflect on themes such as love, struggle, joy, and the search for meaning. The novel's visual storytelling invites readers to interpret and imbue the images with their own understanding, making it a unique and personal experience for each individual who engages with it.

    The 4625th Greatest Book of All Time