Yasmina Reza

Yasmina Reza is a French playwright, actress, novelist, and screenwriter best known for her plays 'Art' and 'God of Carnage'. Her works have been translated into numerous languages and have won multiple awards.


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  1. 1. God Of Carnage

    The book is a razor-sharp, satirical play that delves into the complexities of human nature and societal civility. When two sets of parents meet to discuss a physical altercation between their sons, what begins as a civilized conversation quickly devolves into a chaotic, explosive clash of egos and values. As the veneer of politeness strips away, the characters reveal their own pettiness, hypocrisy, and savagery, painting a darkly comic picture of the conflicts and contradictions inherent in modern society.

    The 10731st Greatest Book of All Time