Bobby Seagull

Bobby Seagull is a British mathematician, teacher, and television personality known for his appearances on quiz shows and his work in promoting mathematics education.


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  1. 1. The Life Changing Magic Of Numbers

    This book is a passionate exploration of the world of numbers and how they shape our daily lives, written by an enthusiastic mathematician and educator. It serves as both a personal narrative and a guide to the practical applications of mathematics, aiming to demystify mathematical concepts and demonstrate their relevance. The author uses anecdotes, puzzles, and real-world examples to illustrate the beauty of mathematics and its crucial role in everything from personal finance to sports, music, and beyond. The book seeks to inspire a newfound appreciation for numbers and their life-changing magic, encouraging readers to see the subject not as a daunting school topic but as a powerful tool for making sense of the world around us.

    The 9444th Greatest Book of All Time