Derek Parfit

Derek Parfit was a British philosopher who specialized in problems of personal identity, rationality, and ethics. He is best known for his work 'Reasons and Persons' and 'On What Matters'.


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  1. 1. Reasons And Persons

    This philosophical work challenges traditional notions of self-interest, rationality, and ethics, arguing that our conventional understanding of these concepts is deeply flawed. The author proposes that the boundaries of personal identity are less clear-cut than we might think, leading to profound implications for moral responsibility and the ethics of future generations. Through rigorous analysis and thought experiments, including the famous "repugnant conclusion," the book pushes readers to reconsider the basis of morality and the ways in which we consider the interests of ourselves and others, ultimately suggesting that reasons and persons are intricately connected in the fabric of ethical reasoning.

    The 5101st Greatest Book of All Time