Zhou Haohui

Zhou Haohui is a Chinese author best known for his crime and thriller novels. He gained significant recognition for his 'Death Notice' series, which has been adapted into various media formats.


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  1. 1. Death Notice

    This gripping novel unfolds in a Chinese city where a vigilante killer, who goes by the name of Eumenides, is on a mission to exact justice on those who have escaped the legal system. The killer announces their intentions by sending death notices to the victims before carrying out the executions, challenging the police with the cunning and complexity of each crime. As the investigation unfolds, led by an elite police task force, the team uncovers disturbing links to a decade-old case. The narrative weaves through a maze of suspense, delving into themes of justice, revenge, and the moral ambiguity of taking the law into one's own hands. The story keeps readers on the edge of their seats, blending intricate plotting with a deep exploration of the characters' pasts and motives.

    The 9234th Greatest Book of All Time