Andre Gorz

André Gorz, born Gérard Horst, was an Austrian-French social philosopher and journalist. He was known for his work on political ecology, critiques of capitalism, and the relationship between work and personal autonomy. Gorz was a co-founder of Le Nouvel Observateur and a significant figure in the New Left movement.


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  1. 1. Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology

    In "Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology," the author explores the complex relationships and conflicts between economic systems and environmental sustainability. He critically examines the failures of both capitalism and real-existing socialism in addressing ecological crises, arguing that neither system is adequately equipped to tackle the environmental challenges of our time. The book advocates for a new ecological order that transcends traditional economic paradigms, proposing a radical restructuring of societal values and economic practices to prioritize sustainability, social justice, and human well-being over profit and growth. Through this analysis, the author contributes to the broader discourse on environmental politics and the search for viable alternatives to unsustainable economic models.

    The 6710th Greatest Book of All Time