Patrice Lumumba

Patrice Émery Lumumba was a Congolese politician and independence leader who served as the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He played a significant role in the country's struggle for independence from Belgium.


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  1. 1. Lumumba Speaks

    "Lumumba Speaks" is a collection of speeches and writings by Patrice Lumumba, the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of Congo and a pivotal figure in African politics. The book provides a profound insight into Lumumba's vision for Congo's independence from Belgian colonial rule and his broader ideas on African nationalism and liberation. His impassioned rhetoric, advocating for equality, justice, and the end of colonial exploitation, is presented alongside reflections on the political struggles and the challenges of maintaining unity and sovereignty in a newly independent nation. This compilation not only highlights Lumumba's eloquence and leadership during a critical period in African history but also serves as a powerful testament to his enduring influence on anti-colonial movements worldwide.

    The 5542nd Greatest Book of All Time