Paul Bowles

Paul Bowles was an American expatriate composer, author, and translator. He is best known for his novel 'The Sheltering Sky,' which explores themes of existentialism and the human condition. Bowles spent much of his life in Tangier, Morocco, and his work often reflects his experiences and observations of different cultures.


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  1. 1. The Sheltering Sky

    "The Sheltering Sky" is a novel about an American couple, Port and Kit Moresby, who travel to the North African desert accompanied by their friend Tunner. The journey, initially an attempt to cure their marital woes, quickly descends into a harrowing journey of self-discovery and exploration of the human condition. As they move further into the desert, the harsh environment and their isolation from the outside world push them to their psychological limits, leading to devastating consequences.

    The 460th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Let It Come Down

    This novel explores the journey of an American bank clerk who, disillusioned with his mundane life, moves to Tangier in search of freedom and adventure. However, his quest for liberation quickly descends into a nightmarish spiral of crime and moral disintegration. Set against the backdrop of post-colonial Morocco, the narrative delves into themes of alienation, the quest for identity, and the often-blurred line between the exotic dream and the harsh realities of cultural dislocation. Through vivid descriptions and a haunting atmosphere, the story presents a compelling examination of the consequences of fleeing one's life only to confront the inescapable truths of the self.

    The 3673rd Greatest Book of All Time