John Buchan

John Buchan was a Scottish novelist, historian, and politician who served as Governor General of Canada, the 15th since Canadian Confederation. He is best known for his adventure novel 'The Thirty-Nine Steps' and had a prolific writing career that included both fiction and non-fiction. Buchan's works are notable for their historical detail and suspense, and he remains a popular author in the thriller and adventure genres.


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  1. 1. The Thirty-Nine Steps

    Set on the eve of World War I, the novel follows an ordinary man who becomes entangled in a dangerous plot after a mysterious stranger shows up at his apartment, claiming to be a spy. When the stranger is murdered, the protagonist is falsely accused and becomes a fugitive, fleeing to the Scottish highlands. He must unravel a conspiracy of international espionage and prevent a political assassination to clear his name.

    The 404th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Greenmantle

    In this thrilling adventure novel, a British secret agent is sent to Istanbul during World War I to investigate a German plot to incite jihad in the Muslim world against the Allies. As he uncovers the plot, he must also find and neutralize the mysterious and influential figure known as "Greenmantle." The narrative combines espionage, political intrigue, and high-stakes action as the protagonist races against time to prevent a potential disaster.

    The 1483rd Greatest Book of All Time
  3. 3. Mr Standfast

    "Mr Standfast" is a thrilling espionage novel set during World War I. The protagonist is a British intelligence officer who is tasked with tracking down a German spy. The mission takes him on a dangerous journey across war-torn Europe, where he encounters a variety of characters and faces numerous challenges. Along the way, he uncovers a plot that could change the course of the war. The novel is a blend of suspense, action, and romance, with a strong emphasis on patriotism and duty.

    The 2942nd Greatest Book of All Time