James Alan McPherson

James Alan McPherson was an American short story writer and essayist. He was the first African American to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction, which he received in 1978 for his short story collection 'Elbow Room'. McPherson was also a recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship and was a member of the permanent faculty at the Iowa Writers' Workshop.


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  1. 1. Elbow Room

    "Elbow Room" is a collection of short stories that explore the lives of African Americans in the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. The narrative delves into the complexities of race, class, and culture, focusing on the experiences of black individuals navigating through a predominantly white society. The stories are rich in humor and humanity, offering a profound examination of the struggle for identity and the search for a sense of belonging.

    The 10908th Greatest Book of All Time