Oscar Hijuelos

Oscar Hijuelos was a Cuban-American novelist known for his rich storytelling and detailed portrayals of Cuban-American life. He won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1990 for his novel 'The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love'. His work often explores themes of identity, cultural assimilation, and the experiences of immigrants. Hijuelos was the first Latino to win the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.


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  1. 1. The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love

    "The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love" is a captivating tale of two Cuban brothers who emigrate to New York City in the 1950s to pursue their dreams of becoming famous mambo musicians. The story is told through the memories of the older brother, now a middle-aged man living in the U.S., as he reflects on their past glories, struggles, romantic entanglements, and the cultural and personal identity conflicts they faced in their journey. The book also explores themes of love, passion, music, and the immigrant experience.