Robert Coles

Robert Coles is an American author, child psychiatrist, and professor emeritus at Harvard University. He is best known for his work in the field of psychology and for his series of books on the lives of children, including the Pulitzer Prize-winning 'Children of Crisis' series. Coles has written extensively on a variety of topics, including ethics, political activism, and literature, and has been a prominent figure in the field of social science and child development.


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  1. 1. Children of Crisis

    "Children of Crisis" is a deeply moving exploration of the lives of children in various challenging circumstances. The author, a renowned psychiatrist, documents his experiences working with children facing poverty, racial tension, and family disruption in the United States. The book provides insights into the resilience, adaptability, and strength of children, offering a profound understanding of their psychological responses to crisis and adversity.

    The 1508th Greatest Book of All Time