Robert Lowell

Robert Lowell was an influential American poet, considered one of the founders of the confessional poetry movement. He was born on March 1, 1917, in Boston, Massachusetts, and died on September 12, 1977. Lowell's work is known for its intense, personal, and often stark examination of mental illness, family, and personal crises. His notable works include 'Life Studies' and 'For the Union Dead'. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry and the National Book Award, among other honors.


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  1. 1. For the Union Dead

    "For the Union Dead" is a collection of poems that explore the American identity, history, and the moral dilemmas of the individual in the modern world. The poems often reflect on the past, particularly focusing on the Civil War era, and the author's own personal experiences and family history. The title poem is a meditation on the sacrifices of the Massachusetts 54th Regiment in the Civil War. Other poems in the collection touch on themes of war, family, and the passage of time.

  2. 2. Poems Of Robert Lowell

    This collection showcases the work of a prominent American poet, known for his confessional style and innovation in the genre. It spans several decades of the 20th century, reflecting on personal experiences, historical events, and complex social issues. The poet's mastery of language and form is evident as he delves into themes of mental illness, family dynamics, and political unrest, often with intense emotion and stark imagery. The anthology serves as a testament to his influence on modern poetry and his ability to capture the human experience with raw honesty and lyrical prowess.