Shirley Hazzard

Shirley Hazzard (1931–2016) was an Australian-American author known for her novels, short stories, and non-fiction. Her work often explores themes of love and human relationships, set against the backdrop of the post-war period. Hazzard's notable books include 'The Transit of Venus' and 'The Great Fire', the latter winning the National Book Award for Fiction. She was also a recipient of the Miles Franklin Award, one of Australia's most prestigious literary honors.


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  1. 1. The Transit of Venus

    The novel follows the lives of two orphaned Australian sisters, Caroline and Grace Bell, who move to England in the post-World War II era. The story revolves around their relationships, particularly Caroline's complex and often tragic love life. The narrative is filled with themes of love, fate, time, and the intricate complexities of human relationships, all set against the backdrop of significant historical events.

    The 1196th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. The Great Fire

    "The Great Fire" is a historical novel set in the aftermath of World War II. The story follows a British war hero, Aldred Leith, who is sent to occupied Japan to research the effects of the war on the country's culture. During his stay, he falls in love with a young girl, Helen, who is the daughter of the Australian camp commander. Despite the age difference and societal expectations, the two form a deep bond. The book explores themes of love, war, cultural change, and personal transformation.

    The 5846th Greatest Book of All Time