Ian Hacking

Ian Hacking is a prominent Canadian philosopher of science, known for his work on the philosophy of language, the philosophy of logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and the philosophy of science. He has also contributed to the fields of statistics, probability, and the social and behavioral sciences. Hacking is particularly famous for his concept of 'styles of scientific reasoning' and his advocacy of 'historical ontology.' His influential works include 'The Emergence of Probability' and 'Representing and Intervening,' among others.


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  1. 1. The Taming of Chance

    "The Taming of Chance" delves into the evolution of the concept of probability and its societal implications. The book takes the reader through the historical progression of probability and statistics, illustrating how they have shaped and been shaped by societal norms. The author highlights the profound impact of this mathematical concept on various aspects of life, including law, science, and philosophy, and how it has fundamentally changed our perception of the world.