Leon Edel

Leon Edel was an American literary critic and biographer. He is best known for his work on the life and writings of Henry James, for which he won both a Pulitzer Prize and a National Book Award. Edel's five-volume biography of Henry James provided a comprehensive look at the author's life and was widely acclaimed for its scholarly depth and narrative style.


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  1. 1. Henry James

    This book is an in-depth biography of one of the most influential writers of the 19th century. The author meticulously details the life and work of the subject, from his early years in New York and his extensive travels in Europe, to his eventual settling in England and his career as a writer. The book delves into his relationships with family, friends, and fellow writers, as well as his own struggles with identity and sexuality. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of his novels, novellas, and short stories, highlighting his unique narrative style and his exploration of complex themes such as consciousness, morality, and social class.