Dave Pelzer

Dave Pelzer is an American author, best known for his memoir 'A Child Called It' which details his experiences as a child suffering severe abuse at the hands of his alcoholic mother. His series of books offer a firsthand account of his tumultuous childhood and his journey to overcome his past. Pelzer's work has garnered significant attention for its raw portrayal of child abuse and his subsequent resilience.


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  1. 1. A Child Called 'It'

    This harrowing memoir recounts the horrific childhood of a boy who was brutally abused by his alcoholic mother. The young boy is treated as a slave, starved, beaten, and tortured both physically and emotionally. Despite his dire circumstances, he manages to survive through resilience and the dream of a better life. The book is a stark portrayal of child abuse and the indomitable spirit of a child's will to survive.