Ben Schott

Ben Schott is a British author, journalist, and photographer, best known for his 'Schott's Miscellany' series—a collection of books that contain a mix of trivia, humor, and esoteric knowledge. His work is characterized by its unique blend of wit and erudition, and he has contributed to a variety of publications on both sides of the Atlantic.


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  1. 1. Schott's Original Miscellany

    This book is a unique and quirky collection of interesting, unusual and random facts, trivia, and esoteric knowledge. It covers a wide range of topics from the scientific to the cultural, including obscure historical events, little-known facts about famous people, unusual customs, and oddities from around the world. The book is presented in a distinctive and engaging style, with a mix of lists, charts, short articles, and other formats, making it a fascinating and entertaining read.

    The 8564th Greatest Book of All Time