Stephen Runciman

Sir James Cochran Stevenson Runciman, known as Stephen Runciman, was a British historian known for his work on the Middle Ages. His best-known work is his three-volume 'A History of the Crusades' (1951–54). Runciman was an expert on Byzantine history and is credited with bringing the Byzantine Empire to popular attention. His works are noted for their readability and for his use of sources in multiple languages. He was also a member of the British Academy and held various academic positions.


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  1. 1. A History of the Crusades

    This book offers a comprehensive and detailed examination of the Crusades, a series of religious wars fought in the medieval period. The author delves deep into the political, economic, and social circumstances that led to the wars, the key figures involved, and the long-lasting effects on both the Christian and Muslim worlds. The narrative is both scholarly and engaging, providing a balanced perspective on one of history's most complex and controversial periods.

    The 6169th Greatest Book of All Time