Edwin Way Teale

Edwin Way Teale was an American naturalist, photographer, and writer. Teale's works serve as primary source material documenting environmental conditions across North America from 1930 - 1980. He is best known for his 'American Seasons' series, four books that chronicle a 76,000-mile journey across North America following the seasonal migrations of wildlife. His writing is characterized by a deep fascination with nature and the detail of his observations. He won the Pulitzer Prize for General Non-Fiction in 1966 for his book 'Wandering Through Winter.'


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  1. 1. Wandering Through Winter

    "Wandering Through Winter" is a travelogue in which the author and his wife journey 20,000 miles across America from the southwestern deserts to the northeastern forests, exploring the beauty of nature during the winter months. The book, fourth in a series on the American seasons, combines scientific explanations with poetic descriptions of the landscapes, wildlife, and natural phenomena they encounter, capturing the quiet but profound transformations that occur in the natural world during winter.