Peter Handke




Peter Handke (German: [ˈhantkə]; born 6 December 1942) is an Austrian novelist, playwright and translator.





The best books of all time by Peter Handke

  1. 1073 . The Afternoon of a Writer by Peter Handke

    A writer, fearful of losing his abilities and hence his connection with the world, takes an afternoon walk and has several encounters that reaffirm his confidence

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  2. 1148 . The Left-Handed Woman by Peter Handke

    The Left-Handed Woman (German: Die linkshändige Frau) is a 1978 West German drama film directed by Peter Handke. It was based on Handke's own novel. It was entered into the 1978 Cannes Film Festival.

  3. 2535 . Kaspar and Other Plays by Peter Handke

  4. 2554 . A Sorrow Beyond Dreams by Peter Handke

    Peter Handke (born 6 December 1942, in Griffen, Austria) is an avant-garde Austrian novelist and playwright.