Harry Crews

Harry Crews was an American novelist, short story writer, and essayist. He is known for his gritty, Southern Gothic style and his exploration of the human condition through often grotesque and darkly humorous narratives.


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  1. 1. A Childhood: The Biography of a Place

    This book is a memoir of the author's early years in Bacon County, Georgia, during the Great Depression. It details his life in a poverty-stricken, rural community, exploring themes of hardship, resilience, and the human spirit. Despite the harsh circumstances, the author also recounts moments of joy and beauty, offering a vivid and compelling portrait of his childhood and the place that shaped him.

    The 2312th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. A Feast of Snakes

    In this dark and gritty novel, a small, poor Southern town is the setting for an annual snake hunt that brings together a cast of deeply flawed characters. The protagonist, a former high school football star, is now trapped in a miserable marriage and struggling with alcoholism. As the snake hunt approaches, tensions rise, leading to a violent and tragic climax. The narrative explores themes of poverty, desperation, and the destructive power of masculinity.

    The 6110th Greatest Book of All Time