Dennis Covington

Dennis Covington is an American author known for his works of nonfiction and fiction. He gained prominence with his book 'Salvation on Sand Mountain,' which was a finalist for the National Book Award. The book explores the snake-handling churches of the American South, delving into themes of faith, danger, and redemption. Covington's writing is characterized by its exploration of intense and often unusual cultural practices, as well as its deep humanistic insights.


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  1. 1. Salvation on Sand Mountain

    The book is a personal journey of a journalist who, while covering a murder trial of a snake-handling preacher, becomes deeply involved in the culture of snake handling in Southern Appalachia. He explores the history and religious significance of snake handling, while also wrestling with his own faith and the nature of religious ecstasy. The narrative is a blend of true crime, personal memoir, and religious exploration.

    The 5723rd Greatest Book of All Time