Donald Miller

Donald Miller is an American author and public speaker best known for his memoirs and non-fiction writing. His notable works include 'Blue Like Jazz,' which was adapted into a film, and 'Building a StoryBrand,' which focuses on clarifying a company's message to improve marketing. Miller's writing often explores themes of spirituality, self-discovery, and personal growth.


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  1. 1. Blue Like Jazz

    "Blue Like Jazz" is a collection of personal essays that explores the nature of Christian faith, spirituality, and the struggle of living a Christian life in the modern world. The author shares his journey of faith, from growing up in a conservative religious community, to his questioning and doubts, and finally his reconnection with his faith in a more meaningful and personal way. The book offers a fresh and unconventional perspective on Christianity, challenging traditional religious norms and encouraging readers to seek a more authentic and personal relationship with God.