Edwin Denby

Edwin Denby was an American writer and cultural critic, best known for his work as a dance critic, poet, and essayist. He was born on February 4, 1903, in Tientsin, China, and died on July 12, 1983. Denby's contributions to the field of dance criticism are particularly notable, and he is often remembered for his insightful analyses of ballet and modern dance. His poetry and essays also garnered respect for their clarity, perceptiveness, and literary quality.


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  1. 1. Looking at Dance

    "Looking at Dance" is an insightful exploration of the world of dance, offering a unique perspective on the art form through the eyes of a renowned critic. The book delves into the technical aspects, aesthetics, and the emotional impact of dance, providing a comprehensive understanding of various dance styles. It includes critical analysis of performances by iconic dancers and choreographers, offering readers a deeper appreciation and understanding of the art of dance.