Angela King

Angela Evelyn Vernon King (28 August 1938 – 5 February 2007) was a Jamaican diplomat. She worked for the United Nations for 38 years, from 1966 to 2004, working mainly for equal rights for women. She was appointed Assistant Secretary-General for gender issues in 1997, remaining in that post until she retired in 2004.


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  1. 1. England in Particular

    This book is a celebration of the distinctive and diverse aspects of England, from local customs and crafts to architecture and wildlife. It offers a comprehensive guide to the peculiarities of the English landscape and culture, providing an in-depth exploration of the uniqueness of the country's towns, villages, and countryside. The book is filled with fascinating facts, anecdotes, and descriptions, making it a delightful read for anyone interested in English heritage.

    The 10859th Greatest Book of All Time