Susanna Clarke

Susanna Clarke is a British author best known for her debut novel 'Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell,' a Hugo Award-winning historical fantasy set during the Napoleonic Wars, featuring two English magicians who revive English magic. Published in 2004, the book was well-received by critics and readers alike. Clarke's narrative style is often compared to that of Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, and other 19th-century British writers. Her work is characterized by its intricate plot, detailed magical world, and rich historical references. After a long hiatus, she published her second novel, 'Piranesi,' in 2020, which also received critical acclaim.


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  1. 1. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell

    Set in a parallel 19th-century England, this novel tells the story of two practicing magicians, Mr. Norrell and Jonathan Strange. Norrell, who aims to restore magic to respectability in England, is initially thrilled by Strange's natural aptitude for magic, and the two form a student-teacher relationship. However, their partnership soon deteriorates into rivalry as Strange, driven by the loss of his wife to the fairy realm, seeks to reintroduce the old, wilder forms of magic that Norrell disdains. Their conflict escalates, culminating in a magical duel that has profound consequences for the future of magic in England.

  2. 2. Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell

    "Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell" is a historical fantasy novel set in 19th century England where magic has been lost for centuries. Two magicians, Mr Norrell and Jonathan Strange, emerge and attempt to bring magic back to England. However, their different approaches to magic and their own personal ambitions lead to a dangerous rivalry that threatens to destroy them both. The novel explores themes of power, ambition, love, and the consequences of meddling with forces beyond human control.

  3. 3. Piranesi

    "Piranesi" by Susanna Clarke is a captivating and enigmatic novel that follows the life of the eponymous character, who inhabits a vast and mysterious house known as the House. With its labyrinthine halls and countless statues, Piranesi's existence is solitary and filled with wonder as he meticulously explores and documents the ever-shifting environment. However, his seemingly idyllic existence is disrupted when he encounters another person in the House, leading to a series of revelations that challenge his understanding of reality and his place within it. Through beautiful prose and a sense of profound mystery, "Piranesi" explores themes of identity, memory, and the power of perception.