James Phinney Baxter III

James Phinney Baxter III was an American historian, educator, and academic. He served as the president of Williams College from 1937 to 1961. Baxter was also known for his work in the field of history, particularly for his research on the history of science and the United States during World War II. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for History in 1947 for his book 'Scientists Against Time'.


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  1. 1. Scientists Against Time

    "Scientists Against Time" is a comprehensive account of the scientific and technological advancements during World War II. The book details how scientists, engineers, and industrialists collaborated to develop new weapons and equipment to aid the war effort. It highlights the creation of radar, the atomic bomb, and other innovations that drastically changed the course of the war. This book underscores the crucial role of science in warfare and the importance of collaboration between different sectors in times of crisis.