Isabella L. Bird

Isabella L. Bird was a nineteenth-century English explorer, writer, photographer, and naturalist. With her travels extending across every continent, she became one of the most famous travel writers of her time. Bird is known for her vivid descriptions of the landscapes, cultures, and peoples she encountered on her extensive voyages. Her notable works include 'A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains' and 'Unbeaten Tracks in Japan'.


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  1. 1. A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains

    "A Lady's Life in the Rocky Mountains" is a travelogue detailing the adventures of a female explorer in the 19th century as she traverses the rugged landscapes of the Rocky Mountains. The book offers a vivid account of her encounters with diverse wildlife, treacherous terrains, and the various people she meets along the way, including a notorious outlaw. The narrative presents a compelling portrait of the American West, while also reflecting on the unique challenges and freedoms experienced by a woman traveling alone during this period.

    The 2616th Greatest Book of All Time