Charles Houston

Charles Houston is the name of: Charles Hamilton Houston (1895–1950), American civil rights lawyer and educator Charles Snead Houston (1913–2009), American mountaineer, physician, scientist, and Peace Corps worker Charles Houston (actor) (1931–2006), British actor in The Valiant (1962 film)


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  1. 1. K2 The Savage Mountain

    "K2 The Savage Mountain" is a gripping account of the 1953 American expedition to the world's second highest, yet most difficult to climb mountain, K2. The authors, who were part of the expedition, chronicle their team's heroic struggle for survival against harsh weather conditions, a dwindling supply of oxygen and food, and the mental and physical toll of climbing at such high altitudes. The book provides a detailed and harrowing insight into the world of mountaineering and the relentless determination required to conquer such formidable peaks.

    The 8648th Greatest Book of All Time