Charles M. Doughty

Charles Montagu Doughty (1843–1926) was an English poet, writer, and traveler. He is best known for his 1888 travel book 'Travels in Arabia Deserta', which is considered a classic in travel literature. Doughty explored the Arabian Peninsula and was one of the first Westerners to describe the region's geography, culture, and antiquities. His work had a significant influence on T.E. Lawrence and other Orientalists.


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  1. 1. Travels in Arabia Deserta

    This book is a detailed account of the author's journey through the Arabian Peninsula in the late 19th century, offering a comprehensive look at the culture, geography and history of the region. The author's vivid descriptions of landscapes, people, customs, and his own experiences make it a captivating read. Despite the challenges he faced, such as cultural differences and harsh living conditions, the author's appreciation for the unique beauty and richness of the Arabian culture and environment shines through.

    The 2328th Greatest Book of All Time