David Howarth

David Armine Howarth was a British author and historian, known for his works on World War II and maritime history. He served in the Royal Navy during the war and later became a successful writer, producing both fiction and non-fiction works.


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  1. 1. We Die Alone

    "We Die Alone" is a gripping real-life tale of survival and bravery during World War II. It chronicles the story of a Norwegian commando who, after a failed anti-Nazi sabotage mission, escapes into the icy wilderness and endures a brutal winter on the run from the Germans. With the help of a courageous group of local villagers, he eventually makes a dramatic journey to neutral Sweden, across a treacherous landscape and in constant peril. The book is a testament to the human spirit's ability to endure extreme conditions and terrifying situations while maintaining the will to survive.

    The 5024th Greatest Book of All Time