Lawrence H. Gipson

Lawrence Henry Gipson (1880–1971) was an American historian who won the Pulitzer Prize for History for his work 'The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West, 1763-1766'. He is best known for his comprehensive multi-volume series on the British Empire before the American Revolution, entitled 'The British Empire Before the American Revolution'. His scholarly work focused on the transatlantic relationship between the colonies and the British government and the complexities of colonial administration prior to the revolutionary war.


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  1. 1. The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West, 1763-1766

    "The Triumphant Empire: Thunder-Clouds Gather in the West, 1763-1766" provides a detailed historical analysis of the British Empire during the crucial years of 1763 to 1766. The book focuses on the empire's growth and expansion while also highlighting the emerging tensions and issues that would eventually lead to the American Revolution. The author offers an in-depth look at the political, economic, and social changes of the era, providing a comprehensive understanding of the factors that led to the empire's downfall.