Elizabeth Frank

Elizabeth Frank is an American author and academic known for her literary criticism and biographies. She won the 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Biography or Autobiography for her book 'Louise Bogan: A Portrait'. Frank is also a professor of literature at Bard College and has written extensively on various literary figures and topics.


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  1. 1. Louise Bogan: A Portrait

    "Louise Bogan: A Portrait" is a comprehensive biography of the renowned American poet, Louise Bogan. The book explores Bogan's personal life, her struggles with mental health, her complex relationships, and her career as a poet. It provides a deep insight into Bogan's life, her poetry, and her role as a critic for The New Yorker, highlighting her contributions to American literature. The book also discusses the challenges Bogan faced as a woman in a male-dominated literary world and how she overcame them.