Richard Price

Richard Price is an American novelist and screenwriter known for his gritty and realistic portrayals of urban life. His notable works include 'Clockers,' 'Lush Life,' and contributions to the television series 'The Wire.'


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  1. 1. Clockers

    This novel is a gritty examination of urban decay in America, focusing on the intertwined lives of a young drug dealer and a burnt-out homicide detective in a fictional New Jersey city. The story provides a stark depiction of the drug trade, exploring the desperation, violence, and moral complexities that come with it. The narrative alternates between the perspectives of the two main characters, offering a nuanced view of the challenges they face in their respective roles within the community.

    The 4679th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. Lush Life

    This novel is a vivid exploration of life on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, focusing on the aftermath of a random street crime that shakes the community. The narrative delves into the lives of the victim, the witnesses, and the suspects, painting a rich tapestry of urban life with its complexities and contradictions. The investigation of the crime exposes the cultural and social divides of the neighborhood, as well as the personal struggles and ambitions of those involved. Through sharp dialogue and detailed character studies, the book offers a gritty, realistic portrayal of the challenges and resilience found within the city's vibrant streets.

    The 9355th Greatest Book of All Time