Gillian Flynn

Gillian Flynn is an American author and television critic, best known for her thriller novels, including the New York Times Best Seller 'Gone Girl' (2012), which was later adapted into a highly successful film directed by David Fincher. Her other notable works include 'Sharp Objects' (2006) and 'Dark Places' (2009), both of which have also been adapted into film or television. Flynn's work is characterized by her use of psychological suspense, complex female protagonists, and deep explorations of violence within society.


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  1. 1. Gone Girl

    This thrilling novel revolves around the sudden disappearance of a woman on her fifth wedding anniversary. As the investigation unfolds, all evidence points to her husband as the prime suspect. However, the story takes a twist as the wife's diary entries reveal a darker side to their seemingly perfect marriage. The narrative alternates between the husband's present-day perspective and the wife's diary entries, leaving readers in suspense about what truly happened. The book explores themes of deceit, media influence, and the complexities of marriage.

    The 795th Greatest Book of All Time