P. J. O'Rourke

P. J. O'Rourke was an American political satirist and journalist. Known for his acerbic wit and libertarian views, O'Rourke was the author of several books, including 'Parliament of Whores' and 'Give War a Chance'. He was a frequent panelist on NPR's game show 'Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!' and a contributing editor at The Weekly Standard, among other publications. O'Rourke's work blended humor with serious political commentary, making him a respected figure in both literary and political circles.


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  1. 1. Parliament of Whores

    This non-fiction book is a humorous and critical examination of American politics, specifically focusing on the United States government. The author delves into various aspects of the government, including Congress, the budget, and the political culture of Washington, D.C. He uses satire and wit to highlight the inefficiencies, absurdities and corruption he perceives in the system, offering a cynical view of the way the American government operates.

    The 7106th Greatest Book of All Time