Michel Butor

Michel Butor was a French writer associated with the Nouveau Roman (New Novel) literary movement. He is best known for his experimental novels and his contributions to literary theory.


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  1. 1. Second Thoughts

    "Second Thoughts" is a complex, stream-of-consciousness novel that unfolds during a train journey from Paris to Rome. The protagonist, a businessman, is traveling to meet his mistress, but as the journey progresses, he becomes increasingly introspective and starts to question his decisions. The narrative is nonlinear and fragmented, mirroring the protagonist's mental state, and the novel explores themes of time, memory, identity, and the nature of reality.

    The 2349th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. A Change Of Heart

    This novel delves into the psychological and emotional journey of a Frenchman who takes up a teaching position in Manchester, England. Struggling with the bleakness of the post-war English landscape and the cultural dissonance he experiences, the protagonist embarks on a profound internal journey. Through his interactions with the city, its architecture, and its inhabitants, he undergoes a transformation that challenges his preconceptions and alters his perception of life. The narrative, rich in introspection and vivid descriptions, explores themes of alienation, the search for identity, and the possibility of personal renewal amidst the ruins of the past.

    The 2785th Greatest Book of All Time