Jean Paul

Jean Paul, born Johann Paul Friedrich Richter on March 21, 1763, was a German Romantic writer best known for his humorous novels and stories. He adopted the name Jean Paul in homage to Jean-Jacques Rousseau. His works were characterized by a wild, imaginative inventiveness and a poetic, almost mystical spirit. Some of his notable works include 'Hesperus' and 'Titan'. Jean Paul's style influenced later German writers, including Heinrich Heine and Thomas Mann. He passed away on November 14, 1825.


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  1. 1. Siebenkäs

    The novel is a complex, satirical love story set in provincial Germany during the late 18th century. The protagonist, a poor and idealistic lawyer, is trapped in an unhappy marriage with a shrewish wife. To escape his miserable existence, he fakes his own death and assumes a new identity. The book is filled with philosophical musings, humorous anecdotes, and vivid descriptions of rural life, reflecting the author's unique blend of realism and romanticism.