Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Georg Christoph Lichtenberg was a German physicist, satirist, and Anglophile. As one of the first scientists to introduce experiments with apparatus in his lectures, he is considered one of the pioneers of German scientific research. Lichtenberg is best known for his sharp-witted essays and aphorisms. He was born on July 1, 1742, in Ober-Ramstadt near Darmstadt, and died on February 24, 1799, in Göttingen. His most famous work is the 'Lichtenberg's Aphorisms,' a collection of short, pithy statements that reflect his keen observations on life, science, and philosophy.


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  1. 1. Sudelbücher

    "Sudelbücher" is a collection of thoughts, observations, and philosophical reflections by a prominent German satirist. The book is a compilation of his personal notebooks, where he jotted down everything from scientific observations to social commentary and personal introspection. The author's unique perspective and witty voice provide a fascinating glimpse into the mind of an 18th-century scholar, making this book an important piece of German literature and Enlightenment thought.