Göran Tunström




Göran Tunström (14 May 1937 in Borgvik, Grums Municipality – 5 February 2000 in Stockholm) was a Swedish author. He grew up in Sunne, Värmland County. Tunström's style is personal and intimate, and has a clear autobiographical tone. Although active as an established author for nearly four decades, it was particularly after his The Christmas Oratorio was adapted as a movie in 1996 that he became widely known to the (Swedish) public. He participated in the Oslo International Poetry Festival.
He was married to artist Lena Cronqvist, and was the father of theatre and film director Linus Tunström.





The best books of all time by Göran Tunström

  1. 685 . The Christmas Oratorio by Göran Tunström

    The accidental death in the 1930s of Solveig Nordensson profoundly affects three generations of Nordensson men, until her grandson Victor finally finds redemption in a staging of Bach's "Christmas ...

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