Laurie Lee

Laurie Lee was an English poet, novelist, and screenwriter, best known for his autobiographical trilogy which includes 'Cider with Rosie'.


This list of books are ONLY the books that have been ranked on the lists that are aggregated on this site. This is not a comprehensive list of all books by this author.

  1. 1. Cider with Rosie

    "Cider with Rosie" is a memoir that captures the experiences of a young boy growing up in a small Cotswold village in England during the early 20th century. The narrative vividly portrays the simplicity and beauty of rural life, while also exploring the complexities of adolescence and first love. It is a nostalgic and evocative account of a bygone era, filled with memorable characters and richly detailed descriptions of the natural world.

    The 658th Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. A Moment Of War

    "A Moment of War" is a memoir that recounts the author's experiences during the Spanish Civil War. As a young man, he leaves England and travels to Spain, driven by idealism and the desire to join the Republican forces fighting against Franco's Fascists. The narrative vividly captures the harsh realities of war, the chaos, the cold, and the constant danger, as well as moments of camaraderie and the stark contrasts between idealism and disillusionment. The memoir serves as a poignant exploration of the brutality of conflict and the personal transformations it engenders.

    The 8225th Greatest Book of All Time