Gaston Leroux

Gaston Leroux was a French journalist and author of detective fiction. He is best known for writing the novel 'The Phantom of the Opera,' which has been adapted into numerous films, musicals, and other media.


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  1. 1. The Phantom of the Opera

    The book tells the story of a beautiful soprano at the Paris Opera House named Christine DaaƩ who becomes the obsession of a mysterious, disfigured musical genius living in the subterranean labyrinth beneath the opera house. Known as the Phantom, he terrorizes the opera company to compel them to keep giving roles to Christine, whom he tutors in secret. The tale unfolds with love, jealousy, and violence, culminating in a dramatic conclusion.

    The 1291st Greatest Book of All Time
  2. 2. The Mystery Of The Yellow Room

    In this thrilling mystery novel, a young journalist is drawn into an intriguing investigation when a renowned scientist is found murdered inside a locked room. With no visible signs of entry or escape, the baffling crime scene becomes the center of attention for the journalist and his detective friend. As they delve deeper into the case, they uncover a web of secrets, false identities, and unexpected twists that will keep readers guessing until the very end.

    The 4518th Greatest Book of All Time